Almost every roof with T-Lock shingles will qualify for a new roof with an upgrade to an Architectural Style Shingle!

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if you have a T-Lock Shingle roof on your home, Give zia roofing and gutters a call so we can take a look at it. keep scrolling down to find out why!!

If you have a t-lock roof in New Mexico and if there is ANY damage to it at all, you might qualify for a new roof! 

Right now most insurance companies are more than happy to replace t-locks, they can't be repaired because new material isn't available. In the next few years the insurance companies are going to start depreciating these shingles to lessen their payouts, they will know that a roof cannot be newer than when the shingles were discontinued. 

If you plan on purchasing a home with T-Lock shingles insurance companies may refuse to cover roof replacement. With all this crazy weather we have been experiencing in the Land of Enchantment, almost every roof with T-Locks will qualify for a new roof with an upgrade to an architectural style shingle. 

Zia Roofing and Gutters can make this transition a smooth and enjoyable process that will help your home or business stand up to any storm that might cross your path. We offer the latest technology in roofing shingles and some of the best prices on the market. To top it all of we are Locally Owned and Operated!